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This page is under construction, more like a complete over haul!
  I am not a person that really likes to talk all that much about myself. As far as I'm concerned they are simply boring details. I much 
  prefer to let my creativity and my contributions speak for me, including my perceptions and philosophies. Sometimes, however, it can be a 
  good thing to let others know a little about us, what we think, how we think, and so on and so forth. This web-page is meant to be for the 
  most part, a page about yours truly with some of my thoughts, opinions, and perspectives thrown in. I do not expect agreement or dis-
  agreement. My thoughts and my opinions are mine and mine alone of which I have every right to them, just as everyone else has the right 
  to their opinions. I am warning all readers of this page, however. I am a writer and because I am, I write quite extensively.

  I am a very private person and so, I resent "big time" someone intruding into what I "choose" to keep private. If "I" decide to divulge 
  something about myself, this is "my" choice to make, not anyone else's. Because I am a private person, I also try to respect the privacy 
  of others. We each have the right to our privacy and anyone whom invades the privacy of another for whatever the reason, is disrespectful 
  and displays the lack of moral and ethical values. We each have the right to divulge about ourselves that which "we choose" to divulge. If a
  person invades the privacy of another, that person deserves to have the same done onto them. If this same person then distributes and 
  shares the information retrieved through the "invasion of another's privacy", both the invader AND those "accepting" of it, are at fault.

  I do not like being in the spotlight nor to be in front of a camera. I'd much rather be behind the camera, taking photos and I prefer 
  working in the background. I do not expect to be praised for every little thing I do, but by the same token, I do not expect to have what I do 
  and have done to be totally unmentioned or the credit for, begrudged me, either, especially when others are being credited for far less or for 
  work that is really mine. 

  I can't accept a compliment graciously to save my life, but this doesn't mean I don't like being the recipient of them. A simple "thank 
  you" never seems to be quite adequate as a response, even though I am very grateful to be given them.

  First and foremost, I am a Christian. I love my God! By no means do I expect all people to be nor do I interact with "just Christians", 
  only however, for I try to respect everyone's faiths and beliefs, or lack there of, cultures and customs, and as well, their sexual orientation. 
  It is our diversity that gives life flavor and we all have been given "free will". It is not my job to judge. Therefore, I try to leave this in the most 
  capable hands of the Lord.

  I am so blessed! I was raised and loved by the very best mother anyone could ever hope for. Although my dear Mom is with the Lord now, 
  I know she is in a much better place and a place she has more than earned. But my missing her tremendously, will never cease until the 
  day I join her in the House of Thy Father. She gave with all she had her entire life in so many ways, to those she loved and to those she 
  didn't even know. ...And she gave "from her heart". She never stopped giving although oftentimes, the recipients were ungrateful and 
  unappreciative. Giving from the heart however, can never be wrong. Only within "how it's received" can error be preempted.

  My hero is my Mom, plain and simple. There is no one else in my life or ever could be in my life that could even come close to my 
  beloved Mother! She was my best friend. She was someone I knew I could always confide in, knowing my thoughts, feelings, concerns, 
  etc., would be kept private between the two of us only

  True confidentiality is a very difficult trait to find in others for most never keep private discussions "totally" private and confidential. 
  Most have to repeat what was discussed with another person, even if it's say, just with their significant other, a person they trust. Once it 
  is passed on to another, however, it is then on its way to be repeated to yet another "trusted" individual and then another "trusted" person,
  until the initial conversation becomes no longer "private and confidential". When I give a person my word that the conversation will remain 
  just between the two of us, it then "remains just between the two of us" and so, the discussion goes NO further with only ONE exception 
  and this is: if I feel the person's life or well being could be in jeopardy, and even then, I tread very carefully and respectfully with whatever I 
  know. I will not volunteer anything more than I deem necessary for the person's safety and well being to be maintained.

  My beautiful daughter, a lovely young lady, a service woman for our country, and of whom I am so very proud for many reasons. 
  Yes, I'm proud because she is my daughter, but I'm proud of the person she has become. She has a backbone, which means she's not 
  afraid to stand up against an injustice against another. She doesn't go along with the program just for the sake to appease others or just 
  because others are. She thinks for herself and does not allow others to do her thinking or the forming of her opinions for her. She stands 
  up for what she believes in. She doesn't allow others to walk all over her either, a lesson her mother definitely needs to learn!

  Being a mother is the most important aspect about my life. My daughter was not a gift to me, but rather I was given the ultimate and
  most precious privilege of being responsible for the life of another, my daughter, to try and fulfill this responsibility to the best of my ability. 
  Being a good parent involves sacrifices and placing another's life, happiness, and well being before one's own, but the rewards are 
  immeasurable and absolutely priceless. It is not an easy task or even just one, but rather multifaceted, multi-complicated, always ongoing, 
  24-7 for the rest of one's life. Although as parents, we are irreplaceable as teachers, guides, and as "example setters", we are also 
  learners, both because of our children and from our children.

  Perfection is not required nor is it reasonable to expect of oneself as a parent or with most anything about ourselves, for as we are all 
  "works in progress", and it's a process that is lifelong. As with any "work in progress", there are mistakes to be made. Mistakes teach us
  and remind us that we are not infallible. They keep us humble and keep arrogance at bay. We tend to learn more from our mistakes than 
  we do from our achievements, but it is our achievements that promote healthy levels of self worth, which we all need to cultivate good self 
  esteem, which in turn provides us with the confidence to push us forward, more and better prepared to face what lies ahead, whether the 
  sailing is smooth or if the seas become rough and stormy. 

  I am also blessed being born gifted as and destined to be a creative person. Not only was my mother inventive, creative, and 
  resourceful, providing a nurturing environment conducive for encouragement of creativity, but I began drawing just as soon as I could hold a 
  pencil and not just doodles, but attempts to draw subjects in my environment, like animals we had, flowers in the garden, just to mention 
  a couple. I also liked to put various objects together to build or create something new. When I began school, my teachers were impressed
  with my artistic abilities, my art teacher especially. 


  I almost died as an infant from complications brought on by pneumonia. My doctor even had all but given up, but my mother refused to
  and I do believe I survived because of her sheer will and faith. Because of all the medication I had to take, I was left with a heart condition, 
  which prevented me from doing a lot of activities other kids took part in. This placed me in the position of being odd, not fitting in, and a 
  prime candidate for bullying, mockery, and ridicule. 

  Unfortunately for me, however, it was not only the children I went to school with whom I had to endure emotional torment because of, but 
  there were two teachers who used me as their source of pleasure, to tease and taunt me. One of these teachers in particular would tell me 
  I was just a retard because I couldn't play like the other kids could, and this just incited the other children to pick on and bully me more. 
  His name was Mr. Hughes. 

  The other teacher, every chance he got, he singled me out, embarrassing me and he would sit at his desk and literally stare at me. He 
  would also deliberately find any little thing to use as a reprimand to embarrass me in front of the class, but meanwhile, others doing the 
  same were not. One student even called him on his behaviour, when he deliberately tried to provoke me, when I had just gotten the news 
  about losing a family member whom I loved very much. Another time just after my horse had been killed, he followed me all over the 
  school, and when I tried to avoid him, he interrupted the class I was in, and made an announcement in front of the class that I was to 
  report to the office, making it appear to everyone like I had done something wrong, which I had not. 

  To grasp this situation better, one has to know the type of kid I was. I didn't like to be singled out nor to be the center of attention in any 
  way, shape, or form. I felt I was just an ugly misfit, and I felt embarrassed and ashamed to stand up in front of the class or anyone, for I 
  was pretty much made to believe that I was nothing more than an ugly, worthless being on almost a daily basis AND not only at school, 
  but also at home by my stepfather, whom also belittled me continually, as he also loved to swat me on a daily basis. 

  As if this wasn't enough, I had an older sibling who molested me, and threatened me with, if I told anyone, he would get me in trouble so 
  my stepfather would then beat my behind with his belt, which he loved ripping off to use on us kids. I never told my mother about the 
  molesting, because I didn't think she deserved to feel awful about something that was not her fault, but knowing her as I do, she would 
  have found a way to blame herself. 

  If it wasn't for the fact that I always knew and felt my mother was always in my corner, I can honestly say, I do not know how or even if I 
  would have survived it all, because it was quite difficult to feel like I had a safe haven anywhere. But my mother encouraged me. She told 
  me I was special, my life had been spared for a reason, and that I was like her. It is only as I've lived my life, year by year, have I come to 
  know and realise more and more, just what my mother meant by saying I am like her. There is no greater compliment I could ever receive
  than to be told that I am like my mother. 

  My mother was gifted. She could see or sense things before they happened. She could spot a "fake" type person a mile away and she 
  could not be fooled. She was a loved and cherished person by many for she always thought of everyone and could and would empathise 
  with their troubles or grief, always genuinely concerned. My Mom was about the most REAL person there ever could be. She wasn't a 
  braggart or a boaster, but modest and an exemplary lady at all times. She didn't like being placed in the spotlight nor did she like having 
  her picture taken. She was a private person, devoted to her family, especially her children, and she kept herself busy giving to and doing 
  stuff for others, especially those she loved, and she didn't waste her time being nosy or minding the business of others. 

  Unfortunately, there were people who resented her, but the only people who did were those that were jealous of her. She was a petite lady,
  with long, brunette hair with natural auburn highlights, blue eyes, and a hearty laugh. She had a wonderful sense of humour and always a 
  positive outlook, no matter how tough her life was and her life was never easy. Everything she did, she did well, superbly, and those who 
  were jealous of her, would use her assets to ridicule her. But she was strong with a will that wouldn't quit nor would she allow it to and she 
  held her head high, which irritated her rivals even more. It is the strength she had, her perseverance and will power she demonstrated, that 
  I always try to borrow from, utilise, when I am faced with adversity and often the same type of jealous people, she rose above so master-

  I try to love unconditionally, cultivating forgiveness and understanding, which is not easy to do, especially if you've been hurt 
  tremendously and/or tread upon by a person being the recipient of your love and trust, whether they be a friend, family member, or a sig-
  nificant other. I have spent much of my life involved with animals/pets, sharing my life with them, and helping those that have been abused, 
  neglected, abandoned, etc. and their "unconditional love and total acceptance" still amazes me, as it also instills just how much more I 
  need to cultivate the same within myself. 

  The Golden Rule: "Treat others as oneself would like to be treated" is a rule of thumb I try to adhere to, although I have been known 
  to fall short of this goal many times, especially if I am under the very strong impression that I have been placed "under the gun" unjustly. I 
  WILL do whatever I feel necessary to defend myself and my integrity. As a rule, I am very easy going, will shrug off much wrongfully thrown 
  in my direction, but if such mounts to the point of being unacceptable any longer, others can expect nothing less than to find out just how 
  far I will go to defend and protect myself, my reputation, my integrity. Therefore, some people become quite flustered and taken aback, 
  when I unleash my defense mechanisms, especially because I am usually quite tolerant otherwise. 

  One of the lessons I've had to learn in life is, some people aren't happy unless they are targeting another, and the targets they single out, 
  are usually people they envy for one reason or another or several. The target often represents a part or parts of themselves they feel is/are 
  lacking within themselves. By undermining the same in the targeted person, they provide themselves with a false pretense of feeling 
  superior to the targeted person. The method of undermining often incorporates "projection", which is the taking of one's own less than 
  desirable traits one finds revolting within themselves and then associating these traits with the targeted person and thus, in the one's mind, 
  making the recipient selected (targeted person) the bearer or owner of, instead of themselves, and falsely believing they themselves have 
  been cleansed of any unacceptability. 

  A healthy minded individual would take a different approach or course of action. Instead of resenting good traits and characteristics in 
  another and trying to undermine them, they would see them as traits to cultivate better within themselves. Healthy minded people see and 
  welcome the positiveness in others as inspirational to try to better themselves with, not as an agenda to be defeated or undermined. A 
  healthy mind is aware that no one is perfect, including oneself and so, it looks within oneself and recognises both the pluses and the 
  minuses; aims to maintain the pluses in good standing, while working with the minuses to make improvements. 

  About friends: I cherish my friends. If a person is my friend, they are then important to me and they will always be, as long as they 
  remain my friend. I will defend and support my friends to the nines. Even if our lives become busy with other distractions, causing a lack of 
  communication for a time, they don't become less significant to me nor do I forget about them. As far as choosing my friends, I can't say 
  that I actually do, for I am open to meeting people, potential friends, and a stranger can be a "friend I have yet to meet". My many friends 
  have a wide array of backgrounds including cultural, occupational, etc., and of both the male and female genders and of all ages. Social 
  statuses and the opinions of others in regards to a person, play no role in my decision whether a person becomes my friend or not. 

  As far as a special person in my life: My heart has ALL the say in this regard. As with my friendships, the same pretty much applies, 
  except I keep my heart well guarded, because my heart doesn't seem to know what is best for it or should I say, whom is best to let in 
  and whom should never be allowed in. My heart has been stomped on and severely wounded many times because of this. As with most 
  everything else I commit myself to, I give love my all; with all that I have, with all that I am. I don't do anything I'm involved with half way. It's 
  either "all" or "nothing" and if I feel whatever it may be or whomever is worth my time, then it/they is/are worth my best effort. Anything less 
  is unacceptable "to me". 

It is not what we acquire in life that counts. It is what we give and contribute for the
  betterment of others, that does. I do not want to be remembered for what I have, but rather for what I have 'given'. 

  The best things in life cannot be bought at any price and real success or worth should not be measured in monetary value, but rather by 
  what one holds within their heart. A heart that is compassionate, understanding, giving, and forgiving is invaluable.
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May the love of God always touch and live within your heart!
God Bless Friends and Visitors! Have a great day!
Please feel free to drop by again!
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What was and is now being sorted through, to keep or not....


Now  it's time to bore everyone with a little about yours truly, Artsie_ladie


 - About Me - General Info - Interests/Hobbies - Likes/Dislikes - Movies/TV Shows - Music Preferences -

- Occupation - Reading: Books/Magazines - Other - My Life's Attributes -

This page will be updated from time to time.

- About Me -

I am not a person that really likes to talk all that much about myself. I can't accept a compliment graciously to save my life, either. But... sometimes, it can be a good thing to let others know a little about us, what we think, how we think, and so on and so forth. This page is meant to be for the most part, a page about me with some of my thoughts and opinions thrown in. I do not expect agreement or disagreement. My thoughts and my opinions are mine and mine alone and I have every right to them, just as, everyone else has the right to their opinions.

  About Me:
First and foremost, I am a Christian. I love my God! By no means do I expect all people to be or do I only interact with "just Christians", however, for I try to respect everyone's faiths and beliefs, cultures and customs, and as well, their sexual orientation. It is our diversity that gives life flavor. It is not my job to judge. I leave this in the most capable hands of the Lord.
I'm single and I do not want an involvement. Besides, I'm difficult to impress and the more one tries, the least likely they will. I detest fakes, those that crave ego stroking, and those that want to possess and control. I believe that falling and being in love should be a freeing of one's innermost desires, thoughts, and passions, NOT A PRISON. I admire intelligence, a wholesome heart, and a person of principle with a good moral compass. I expect respect, honesty, and my privacy kept, therefore trust.
I am a Mom and it is one of the greatest honours and privileges that has ever been bestowed on me. I'm a naturally born artist and a writer, especially in the genre for children. I enjoy making new friends. I've spent much of my life helping and doing things for children and homeless, neglected, and abused animals, an active pet rescue person for many years.
My hero is my Mom, plain and simple. There is no one else in my life or ever could be in my life that even could come close to my beloved Mother! My unconditional love belongs with my daughter. There is no end to the love I have for her! If and when I choose a person to love, a gent, my love is unconditional in this regard as well. I cherish my friends, each and every one! I do not choose my friends or ultimately a person I fall in love with, in accordance to what others like or dislike or in regards to their social status.
I believe wholeheartedly in principle for a person that has no principle, will compromise for the benefit of themselves at the expense of another. If I give a person my word that I will keep what they tell me in confidence, you can bet I will. It makes NO difference who the inquiring party is that wants to know.
I believe that things in life should be earned, not merely given. Anything earned is thought more highly of and cherished than anything just given. This includes the love and respect of another.
When I love and support someone and/or something, it is all or nothing.
I detest pornography! As far as I'm concerned, those who put themselves out there for ALL to see, indecently, must not have very much respect for themselves and if there is no respect for themselves, how can they respect anyone else? I believe there is a time and place for everything, but not everything belongs in every time and every place. Besides, if one puts everything they have out there for ALL to see, what do they have left for that special person in their life? The one thing no one will ever see, is a nude photo of me of any part of my private areas. NEVER! If this makes me a prude, then I'm a very 'PROUD PRUDE'! I do wonder if the moral compass of this world has been lost forever. Besides, the only place I like to be in regards to a camera, is behind it, not in front of it.
I am a very basic person. I don't aspire to own expensive anything. Fancy, frilly, luxury, exotic, etc., are not my cup o' tea. Simplistic, practical, logical, etc., are more my style. But... for the person I love, there is nothing too good for him.
I also know what good and honest hard work is. I know what it is to work a farm life, for instance, from sun to sun, rain or shine, winter or summer. I know what it's like to work your butt off 24-7, 365 days a year with no vacations and what it's like to rise at between 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. and work without stopping before finally callapsing at 22:00, 23:00, or even midnight and to have to do this day in, day out. So, when I say I know what REAL work is? I do!
  General Info:
  - Artist - Naturally born; Realistic and Fantasy; Animals and Scenery:
    - Oils, acrylics, pastels and Prismacolors
    - Computer graphics, including animation
    - Photo enhancement
    - Drawing: pencil, charcoal, pen
Some favourite artists:
 - Norman Rockwell, Sam Savitt, and Wesley Dennis come to mind. I do not like Van Gough . (I'll add more as I think of names.)
  - Writer - Short Stories and Poetry
  - Short stories of/for
    - Children
    - Colouring books:
         - My illustrations to colour.
         - Some with a story I wrote.
    - Fantasy
    - General fiction 
    - Romance
  - Poetry:
    - Deep and meaningful
    - Fantasy
    - Funny
    - Love and Romance
    - Rhyme mostly
    - Spiritual
Some favourite authors:
 - J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, Pearl S. Buck, Anne Emery, Charles Dickens, Jack London, Mark Twain, Thomas Harris, and so many, many more.
  - Musician - Keyboard player
My interests are many: God; working with and creating for children, including writing stories, poems and illustrations for them; art; community sites; writing (poetry and stories); animals and nature; cooking and baking; plants and flowers; music; electronics; computers; crafts; collecting teddybears and records (vinyl) and so many others. I AM NEVER BORED! I believe that if someone WANTS to find something to do, they will.
I am an animal lover! I love cats, dogs, and my favorite being horses, but I love almost all creatures, great and small. I am not one that is afraid of spiders and snakes, mice or toads, or any others, with the exception of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, which I'm allergic to and I stay away from. As far as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and the like though, I'm a murderer of these! lol
I like most foods, with only a few exceptions, such as mince meat pie and fruit cake. I drink very little alcoholic beverages, for two reasons. Most of it, I do not like the taste and I'm not into self-punishment. ...And I do not have any desire to fry my brain and/or my liver. Illegal drugs I won't even consider, period. Even prescription drugs I avoid as much as possible. I have more faith in proven holistic treatments with their lack of side affects.
For the most part, I like people and I try to accept them the way they are. However, I do not like people that are only out for themselves with no regard for or what their self-seeking ambitions will do to another. I do not like people that spread vicious gossip of lies, just and especially to make themselves appear better or saintly. If I have found out that there are lies spread around about me, don't ever expect me NOT to defend myself against them and I will do so with evidence to back up my word. Nor do I like people that brag and boast about themselves, like: "Aren't I the most awesome?" -or- "I'm so beautiful!" -or- "I'm the best!" Constant self horn tooters as far as I'm concerned, must be insecure individuals and need to convince themselves of their 'greatness'. The greatness of a person will radiate to those around them and those they interact with automagically without self initiation.
  Movies/TV Shows:
Television, well, there isn't too much worth watching anymore, really. I like all of the CSI shows, Lost, some news' programs and some old re-runs. Other than Extreme Makeover (homes), American Idol, and Dancing with The Stars, I detest reality TV such as Survivor, The Bachelor, and so forth. Funniest videos I like. My favourite older TV shows were: Magnum P.I., Touched By An Angel, Hogan's Heroes, Mash, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Frasier, Star Trek, and countless others.
I am not a very big movie person, but I liked War Of The Worlds, Forrest Gump, The Silence Of The Lambs, The Godfather, Dances With Wolves, Pretty Woman, and I like even older movies like The Sound Of Music. The Wizard Of Oz and The Ten Commandments I can't ever watch too many times. I like movies with animals, like Homeward Bound, for example, and movies that are wholesome and viewable by all ages I prefer. I DETEST pornography in ANY form. I do not enjoy watching violence. There's more than enough of it in the real world, thank you. Romantic movies with tastefully done love making scenes are okay.
Favourite actresses:
 - Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, Cloris Leachman, Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, Jodie Foster, Jane Seymour, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Lynne Thigpen, Jean Smart, Jaclyn Smith, Candice Bergen, Anne Baxter, and many more.
Favourite actors: 
 - George Clooney, Chuck Norris, Kevin Costner, Richard Gere, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Selleck, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Robin Williams, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Tim Conway, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, Will Smith, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, Paul Newman, Craig T. Nelson, Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, and so many more.
My favourite broadway show(s):
 - CATS (hands down!)
  Music Preferences:
Although I love country music for I was raised on this genre, I also enjoy a wide range of music including jazz, light jazz, rock, classical, folk, metal, and so on. I don't care for rap or music that has nothing to say, or consists of heavy banging on the instruments (noise) or screaming rather than singing (more noise). There is a difference! My favorite instruments are: pedal steele, violin, soprano saxophone, harmonica, and accordion, but this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other instruments played well, too.
I enjoy so many singers and bands. I like Norah Jones and Céline Dion, but I also like Michael Jackson. I love Jim Reeves, with his velvety smooth voice. I like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Josh Groben, Michael Bolten, Jewel, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, George Jones, and Luciano Pavarotti. Kenny G. on his soprano sax, I never grow tired of his music. I like listening to a good orchestral sound, but I very much like music with a great beat like Disco and Techno. If I were too list all of the singers and bands that I like to listen to, the list would be extremely long.
Some favourite songs:
 - I love hymns: How Great Thou Art; The Old Rugged Cross; Precious Memories; In The Garden; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; I'll Fly Away; I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore; Amazing Grace; and many, many others. Other all-time favourite songs of mine are: Danny Boy; Memories; Go Rest High On That Mountain; Walk Through This World With Me; Amazed; Lady; No Charge; How Far Is Heaven; Old Shep; Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?; and lots more. Christmas songs include: The Gift: The Christmas Shoes; The Little Drummer Boy; and most all of the traditional Christmas music. Patriotic songs include: God Bless America; America, The Beautiful; Stars And Stripes Forever; The Star-Spangled Banner; God Bless The U.S.A.; and also many more. Almost all of these songs listed, plus many more, I've memorised and play on my keyboards.
 - Self-employed.
 - Freelance graphic designer/artist; Writer: prose and poetry.
 - Pet caretaker in my home.

  Reading: Books/Magazines:
Only occasionally do I find time to read a book, but I love to read. I love books and some would say I have my own library! Usually, if I'm reading something, though, it's reading to gain knowledge. I enjoy learning new things. I ALWAYS KEEP A DICTIONARY WITHIN REACH.
Some favourite books:
 - The Bible, The Harry Potter Series, The Good Earth, I Dared To Call Him Father, Giants In The Earth, The Red Badge Of Courage, All Quiet On The Western Front, All Good Animals Go To Heaven, The Nancy Drew Series, Bunnicula, Scarlet Royal (read this book 13 times), and just about all books about horses, dogs, cats, and other animals, including White Fang. I do not much care what age level they are written in. I like Peter Pan, but I had better, because this was my daughter's favourite and I read it many times to her.
Some favourite magazines:
 - PC World, Horse & Rider, Arabian Horse World, Equus, and several horse based magazines. Also, Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy I like, plus others.
Some favourite quotations:
 - MANY:
 - "God grant me the power to change the things I can, the ability to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference."
 - "What has a person to gain, if they lose their soul?"
 - "There are many people that walk through our lives, but only a significant few will leave indellible footprints."
 - "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar."
 - "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."
 - "If you walk like a duck and you quack like a duck, then you must be a duck! "Quack! Quack!"
 - "Do not burn your bridges if they needn't be, for you may want or need to cross those bridges again."
 - "A stranger is a friend I have yet to meet."
 - "A friend in need, is a friend indeed!"
 - "A bird in hand is better than two in a bush."
 - "Never place all of your eggs in one basket."
 - "If the shoe fits, wear it!"
 - "Ze power of ze pen!"
Some of my quotations:
 - "Something that is morally right to do needs NO justification. When the justification needs to be sought, it is already wrong."
 - "The cost of truth is high, but the cost of lies, is insurmountable."
 - "We seek answers only to find more questions."
 - "If one is prepared for the worst possible scenario, they are prepared for anything."
 - "A person's worth is in their heart."
 - "The best teacher in my life, is life."
My favourite cartoon character(s):
 - ONLY ONE --> The one and only Garfield!
  My Life's Attributes:
 - Being the best mother I could and can be!
 - Charitability and compassion - giving:
  - Active in/with - past and present - volunteered:
  - Youth groups: Girl Scouts of America; 4-H Groups; Council of the Arts - Sprouts; Local school districts with school projects; Tutoring students: Art, English, History, Science, and general studies; Mentoring and teaching
  - Pet and Animal Rescue: 
  - Saved and placed in good homes, over 600 animals.
  - Advocate public awareness about the necessity of spaying and neutering.
  - Worked with and helped many rescue groups, including writing for and donating artworks of mine for fundraising.
  - Supplying the needed housing, care (including veterinary care), and LOVE for most of the over 600 animals I've placed or aided in the placement of AT MY EXPENSE for at least 90% of it.
  - Initiation of and participation in fundraising for pet rescue groups, for youth activities, and for homeless people.
  - Have taken in people that needed a place to stay temporarily, even a family of four.
  - Playing music (with my keyboards) at local colleges, parks, firehouses, and churches, as free entertainment for several non-profit organisations and their functions.
  - Naturally born as: artist and writer.
  - Self taught: Accomplished horsewoman; musician; computer graphics; canine beautician; carpentry; electronics/sound equipment knowledgabilty; the usage and benefits of private investigation equipment, and there's more, if I gave it additional thought.
 - Having principles and standing by them as much as I possibly can.
 - Supporting that and whom I believe in.
 - Trying not to make promises I cannot keep.
 - MONEY? I don't have any. lol
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                That's all folks!