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Welcome to Artsieladie's Poetry Page on Love and Romance featuring the poem: "Love Vs Hate"
Written by and copyrighted to yours truly, Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.
NOTE: About the usage/sharing of my work, fully explained, please see "Public Notice" and/or the footer on every page bottom.
To contact yours truly, please see, read, and follow the specified guidelines on "Contact Artsieladie".
       ~  Poetry by Artsieladie  ~        
-"Love and Romance"-
Written by and copyrighted to Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.
-"Love/Life Vs Hate/Death"-

"Love 'n' Light Vs Hate 'n' Darkness"

Hatred or Love,
Darkness or Light,
Which do you choose
To be what's right?
Deceit or truth,
Shackled or free,
Which do you choose,
That'll affect you and me?

On which side are you, darkness or Light?
On which side will you stand up and fight?

"...And Your Choice Is?"

Censorship OR freedom of speech,
Truth OR lies, accept and teach.
Middle ground, there is none,
It's either or, choose, must one.

If freedom of speech is your choice,
Then stand up and use your voice.
If truth is what you seek,
Then do so, learn and speak.

We are the world, we, the masses,
We must remove rose coloured glasses,
So we may see with opened eyes,
Expose what's been so disguised.

UNITE TOGETHER must be our course.
We MUST defeat the deadly force!

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly
©2013-06-16 All rights reserved.


In us all both resides,
But within us all we have a choice,
To choose which we'll in, rejoice.

Hate and darkness with jealousy and fear
Or Love and Light to value, endear.
We all have choices, are given free will,
To choose which vessel we will fulfill.

But remember...

For darkness there's always Light,
To guide us, to keep us...
Onto the path of right.

So should the darkness ourselves consume,
Light awaits to release us from the gloom.
For the Magic of Love prevails in Light,
Can pierce the darkest, the blackest of night.

In Love and Light, happiness reigns,
Unites in peace, everyone gains.
We each are one, but we're all "of One",
Unity is a must for the task to be done
Of peace and harmony for One and for All
And so we each must answer the call
To Unite in Love and against hate rebel,
So we all on Earth can in harmony dwell.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly
©2014-01-11 15:26:00 (EST) All rights reserved.

So, to those who hate me? *shrugs*
It's a reflection of YOU, NOT of me! :) ♥

"Hate Imprisons; Love Frees"

So, if in your heart hate doth dwell,
I pity you in your darkened cell,
For hatred imprisons its captured soul,
And eventually will devour, a costly toll.

Meanwhile a heart filled with love,
Is filled with joy and light thereof.
And so a heart with love is free
To live contented in harmony.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly
©2014-01-11 16:27:00 (EST) All rights reserved.

Inspirational credit:
Thank you Qazi Qamaruddin for being a great inspiration, promoting
and spreading the invaluable message of Love and Peace. ♥

On Facebook:
Poet note: Offer Love through its many wonderful components. If your adversary continues forward with their tactics of
hatred and its dark and negative components, still offer the components of Love because just as the actions of the hater
are a reflection of the hater, so will your actions of Love be a reflection of you. ..And I would much rather be able to claim
and reflect positive actions of Love than to be like my haters with their negative reflections of hate. ♥

Quotes by Artsieladie:

“In the darkest soul seek a Light
 Something positive, beautiful, right,
 And in your own heart will remain
 No room for hatred's control to gain.”

“Shine your Light and the darkness can't consume.
 Fill your heart with Love and for hate there'll be no room!”


       God Bless America  ~       
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