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Welcome to Artsieladie's Poetry Page on Love and Romance featuring the poem: "Quitting Time"
Written by and copyrighted to yours truly, Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.
NOTE: About the usage/sharing of my work, fully explained, please see "Public Notice" and/or the footer on every page bottom.
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       ~  Poetry by Artsieladie  ~        
-"Love and Romance"-
Written by and copyrighted to Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.
-"Quitting Time"-
The draw bridge is up, firmly locked,
From my heart, you're completely blocked.
There is no need for this bridge again,
Because in this world, there are other men,
Who are real, true, and yes, sincere
And aren't fake and insecure.

The air of freedom my heart's now breathing,
No longer from pain is it seething,
Caused by a sick and twisted mind,
Driven by hate, to Love is blind.
Your heart's so infected with ego fed pride,
There's no room for good to live, reside.

Your comfort zone is lined with lies and deceit.
Those of the same are all you'll greet.
Anyone with a caring, true, and tender heart,
You revel in shredding, tearing apart.
You rob, you steal, you plunder and rake
Others o'er the coals as you greedily take
Anything, everything that yours is not,
Ethics and morals, dismissed, forgot.

You use and abuse with no remorse,
Causing pain and torment, you endorse.
With no social skills and superficial charm,
You live for drama, to create havoc and harm.
Your soul is a tundra, barren and cold,
Concealing a coward, to the devil, sold.
A loathsome creature yourself you reject,
Your despicable traits on others project.

Your heart is a desert, a desolate place,
When it comes to Love, there is no space.
Your only oasis but yet overflowing,
Is your garden of hatred you're fervently growing.
A self serving nature is your intended style,
With a carved agenda to match and guile.

You don't want peace, you want wars.
You don't want Love, you want whores.
You want minions who will blindly follow,
Weak in character, like you and shallow.
You're not interested in earning, you just take,
And not open for learning, except for your fake.

You preach freedom of expression and free speech
And you demand privacy but other's you breach.
You can't accept the truth because you feed on lies,
Then live to destroy those who reveal your disguise,
Because what you levy, on others place,
A coward can't deal with, especially face.
Your mind though brilliant is a mere wasteland,
Your ego controlling, has taken command.

You imprison and hold captive your very own self
With chains of guilt carried, you cannot shelf.
You're miserable, unhappy, but with stubborn objection,
To examine yourself, you refuse reflection,
Because underneath it all, you know down deep,
There's a much better you waiting to reap,
But the requirements needed just to start,
Are hidden and buried deep in your heart.
To dig them up would stir emotion,
Feelings exposed, put in motion.

So, the worst of yourself you place front and center,
And mastered so well, anything decent cannot enter.
For the lesser of you, you settle and cave.
You'll likely take this straight to your grave,
Because it's the easiest route to through life skate,
Denying your promise while sealing your fate.

No one can Love you not even you,
Though your ego tells you that you do.
It's all a facade and you're the fool
Buying it all and thinking it's cool,
When the reality is you're all alone,
Seeking comfort through a tech box clone.
A pathetic existence is what you live
But you can only receive what you give.
Since you give nothing, only take,
There are no rewards in this wake.

Just keep on living as you do,
Eventually you'll make it through,
As a waste of a soul, a brilliant mind,
The greatness concealed by a host kept blind.
That joke of an existence you call life,
You're married to, has become your wife.
Not even Love can pierce your walls so thick
Of a blackened heart turned to brick.

-Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2014-06-07 12:45:00 (EST) -
Poet note: When you truly Love someone, you can see the best, the better in them, but this doesn't necessarily
mean the person you Love is willing to allow the best within them to shine, but choose instead to feed the lesser
and darker side and no matter how much you Love them, they aren't willing to behave in a way that will 'accentuate
their positive'. When Loving them becomes just a topic more about aggravation and frustration and to the point it's
placing your own well being in jeopardy, you have to either call it quits or the other person will drag you right down
with them. ♥

There's a part II poem that goes with this one, called: "Goodbye, Good Riddance".

       God Bless America  ~       
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