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Medium Length Quotes By Artsieladie
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Welcome to Artsieladie Quotes' web-page featuring the "medium length" quotes written by and copyrighted to yours truly, Artsieladie,
aka Sharon Donnelly. All rights reserved.
There will be coming sub-pages of my quotes.
I love to write poetry, stories, and quotes. I also like to write to speak out against the goings on in the world that are wrong. But under
this section will be featured just my quotes.

Yours truly hopes to add my quotes to images/photos so they will be much more appealing to read but also to share.
These quotes I am the author of may be shared, but when sharing, please accompany with them with every share:
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A favourite of mine: "The Serenity Prayer"
(Not written by yours truly.)

"God grant me the power to change the things I can, the ability to accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference."

“The Sweetness Of Truth”

                                                                                 Ah, the sweetness, breathe it in!
                                                                                 Suck in deeply, deeply within.
                                                                                 Savour the flavour. Relish the taste.
                                                                                 Embed in your memory, want not to waste.
                                                                                 Know then the sweetness, the cuisine to crave.
                                                                                 Lies, rebuke! Truth, save!!!
By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-07-15
"Truth is my weapon of choice; I will seek it and I will speak it."
~ Quote by Artsieladie

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"We Never Know... Quotes By Artsieladie"
<img:> ~ “We never know how much strength and courage we have within us until we are faced with adversity.”
<img:> ~ “We never know how much resiliency we have to tap into until we have to endure.”
<img:> ~ “We never know the mountains we can climb until we are faced with nothing but mountains.”
<img:> ~ “We never know how strong our bonds, our relationships, are until they are thoroughly tested.”
<img:> ~ “We never know the storms we can weather until we've been through the worst ones.”
<img:> ~ “We never know how much we can shine until we are faced with pure darkness.”
<img:> ~ “We never realise the true value of someone in our life until they are forever gone.”
<img:> ~ “We never know the true essence of love until we truly love and are truly loved in return.”
~ Poetic Quotes By Artsieladie ~
<img:> 001 ~ “A continued transgression kept in the present, cannot be placed in the past nor therefore, forgiven.”
<img:> 001 ~ “A fool who looks in the mirror will never see a fool.”
<img:> 001 ~ “A friend who supports you in private, but denies you before others, is NOT a friend.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Agreement is not paramount for understanding to take place.”
<img:> 000 ~ “A limited mind cannot comprehend the limitless minded.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Allow those who are filled with jealousy and hatred to reflect in themselves, this, they elect to indulge in, by not
           allowing the same to be reflected in and owned by yourself.”

<img:> 001 ~ “Amidst the stench of lies, is the sweet, refreshing aroma of truth.”
<img:> 001 ~ “An 'attitude of gratitude' is essential to 'know' happiness and then 'feel' it."
<img:> 001 ~ “An idea held prisoner in the shadow of silence can never shine in the light of day.”
<img:> 000 ~ “An ounce of consideration will avoid a ton of resentment!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Anyone can preach the gospel, but the true test is whether or not they 'live' what they preach.”
<img:> 001 ~ A person's worth is in their heart.
<img:> 001 ~ “A person without values and principles for which they stand by, is a person without merit.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Be careful what you wish on others for it may roost with you instead!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Be careful who you trust, but beware of who you trust, "trusts"!"
<img:> 001 ~ “Be easy to get and you'll be easy to 'forget'.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Being silent about something that's being done wrong, makes the silent party an "enabler" of the perpetrator(s).”
<img:> 001 ~ “Beware of the person who tells you what you want to hear; a true friend will tell you the truth, not perhaps, what you
            want to hear, but what you should hear.”
<img:> 001 ~ Boxes are wonderful to contain things, except for our thinking. Allow your thoughts freedom! Think 'outside' the box!
<img:> 001 ~ “By every good man's side is a good woman, for a good woman walks with her man, neither behind him in his shadow
            nor ahead of him to shadow him.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Children: Today's wonder; tomorrow's promise.”
<img:> 020 ~ “Concentrate on 'beautifying yourself within' and your outer self will reflect the same.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Credit earned is credit due.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Dare to dream, then DARE to LIVE your dreams!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Display ALL you have, there'll be nothing of mystery left to explore.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Dreams can hold the key to the true desire of one's heart.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Emulation is flattery at its finest.”
<img:> 000 ~ “Eradicate the cause and the symptoms will become non-existent.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Fear failure and you deny success.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Fear will hold us captive, denying us the freedom to attain what we desire in our heart.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Forgiveness is the best foundation on which to begin healing of the heart, mind, and spirit.”
<img:> 000 ~ “Giving is the joy of living.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Hatred begets hatred; love begets love, but only love can dissolve hatred.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Inflation of humility maintains deflation of ego.”
<img:> 001 ~ “It is through our greatest pain, we discover our greatest strength.”
<img:> 001 ~ “It is through our most trying and difficult times, we find our truest friends.”
<img:> 001 ~ “It's easy to love those who are easy to love, but the true test of love is loving those who are more difficult to love.”
<img:> 001 ~ “It's much easier to hate those who transgress against us and therefore, is often the route chosen. But forgiving our
            transgressors is where the real challenge lies”
<img:> 001 ~ “Jealousy, a wasted energy, when used, validates the insecurity and immaturity... of its user.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Jealousy is inverted admiration.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Joy in the hearts of others, brings joy to one's own.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Know your limitations to 'delimit' yourself.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Knowledge deprived equals ignorance. Ignorance breeds fear. Fear enables intimidation. Intimidation powers control.”
<img:> 040 ~ “Knowledge is power, but only when it is applied does it become 'power-full'.”
<img:> 000 ~ “Love does NOT mean someone is given a green light to use and abuse another who loves them.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Love UNITES! Hate DIVIDES!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Love without 'becauses' and you will love truly.”
<img:> 001 ~ “May the Love of God always touch and live within your heart.”
<img:> 001 ~ Mistakes are important tools of life, which we learn from, therefore live life. Without them we would be doomed to the
            monotony of perfection.

<img:> 001 ~ “Money can be made and lost, but a shattered heart's a most expensive cost.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Never put trust in foxes appointed guardianship of the hen house."
<img:> 001 ~ “Nurture an 'attitude of gratitude' and your garden of happiness will bloom brightly.”
<img:> 001 ~ “One cannot know the intensity of the storm when they're within the 'eye' of it.”
<img:> 001 ~ “One can only be hurt as deeply as they Love and care.”
<img:> 001 ~ “One prepared for the worst possible scenario, is therefore prepared for anything.”
<img:> 001 ~ “One's eyes can be attracted to another, but only another's heart can impress!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Only when we've completely lost someone/something, do we fully comprehend the surrealism of the loss.”
<img:> 001 ~ Our own growth in strength and value of character is perpetuated by the enrichment of those we surround ourselves with.
<img:> 001 ~ “Patronizing, placating, circumventing... are all 'stonewall' tactics applied and used to cover up the truth.”
<img:> 001 ~ People who place themselves on pedestals are very lonely people, since few are interested in competing with 'flawlessness'.
<img:> 001 ~ “People unwilling to communicate with an open mind and a receptive, forgiving heart, but continue to cry foul, keep
           attorneys employed and rewarded handsomely.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Polish your inner self and you'll shine brighter than a diamond.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Recipe for happiness: Minimise expectations, maximise gratitude.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Remember, when others are jealous and envious, they are so, because of who you are and they are not; what you
            have and they have not. Accept their feeling of jealousy graciously as an inverted, disguised compliment!”
<img:> 060 ~ “Revenge in thy soul is blind. It therefore distinguishes not the difference between the guilty and the innocent.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Seek not the approval of others; seek the approval of oneself. Be your own toughest, honest, but fair critic and the criti-
            cism of others shall be null and void.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Self perceived infallibility is the prerequisite of fallibility.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Show others the Light, your Light, so they may see to follow, perhaps out of their own trapping of darkness.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Sometimes those who we think are the most critical of us, are the ones that care enough to want us to reach our full-
            est potential.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Strong and confident people, inadvertently intimidate weak and insecure people.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Stupidity and ignorance are buddies with fear.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Success achieved at the expense of others, is not true success.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Suppression of evidence is admittance of guilt.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Talk is cheap; actions require investment.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The best teacher in life, IS life.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The closer one gets to the truth, the more uncomfortable and defensive liars become.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The cost of the truth can be high, but the cost of lies can be insurmountable.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The denying and covering up of the truth is the pathway for the weak minded to pursue, which leads to nowhere ulti-
            mately, except their own demise.”
<img:> 001 ~ The greatness of a man is measured not in their 'muscle' or 'mouth', but through their heart, where sensibility is derived from a
            compassionate and humble spirit. Creditability is borne of these.

<img:> 001 ~ “The more bad apples you encounter and place behind you, the closer you become to finding the 'good' apple for keeps.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The more one has that money cannot buy, the richer one is.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The more room you allow for love, the less room you will have for hatred.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The more truth I find, uncover, the hungrier I become for more... truth.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The most beautiful things in life are not seen through the eyes, but are seen and felt through, with, and in the heart.”
<img:> 080 ~ “The most painful to endure, is the "pain within".”
<img:> 001 ~ “The only ones who hate the truth and truth tellers, are those who are concealing it and are aiding and abetting its

<img:> 001 ~ “The path of least resistance, is also the path of least reward.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The presence of love maintains the absence of hatred; the absence of love allows the presence of hatred.”
<img:> 001 ~ “There is no shame in the giving of love. There can only be shame in the receiving should the receiver choose to use
            and abuse the love given to them.”
<img:> 001 ~ “There's a time and place for everything, but.. not everything belongs in every place and time.”
<img:> 000 ~ “The seed of hatred can't take root and grow in a Garden of Love.”

<img:> 001 ~ “The simplest gestures borne of the heart, reap the greatest rewards.”
<img:> 001 ~ “The true value about money, is learning, thus knowing, that money has no REAL value at all!”
<img:> 001 ~ “The true worth of a person is measured by the size of their heart, not the size of their wallet.”
<img:> 000 ~ “Those who equate logic with being in Love are either incapable of it -or- they haven't yet been 'really' "in Love".”
<img:> 001 ~ “Through our eyes, we have limited vision, but through our hearts, our vision is endless.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Truth is my weapon of choice; I will seek it and I will speak it.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Truth sets us free; lies hold us prisoner.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Truth TRUMPS 'trumped up' lies.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Undermining the earned integrity of another... verifies the offender’s lack thereof.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Unspoken words of today can become regrets of tomorrow.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Values and principles must be followed through on BEFORE one can "validate" them within themselves!”
<img:> 001 ~ “Walk through life with an eraser handy for there'll be mistakes made along the way.”
<img:> 001 ~ “We are responsible for what we say and do, not what is 'assumed' by others, we say and do.”
<img:> 000 ~ “We can't expect a person to concede when that person knows the truth which we are covering up.”
<img:> 000 ~ “We can't expect a person to make correct conclusions when we are withholding information from them.”
<img:> 000 ~ “We can't expect forgiveness until first we sincerely admit our wrong.”

<img:> 001 ~ “We can't learn from mistakes we make IF we don't acknowledge making them. The lesson is learned in the acknowledg-
            ment of and accountability for them.”
<img:> 001 ~ “Welcome your tomorrows, by loving living to the fullest... today.”
<img:> 100 ~ “We live in a society where justification is widely accepted, while accountability is widely rejected.”
<img:> 101 ~ “We seek answers only to find more questions.”
<img:> 000 ~ “When a person can still love another who has brought them pain, then such a person is a 'keeper'.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When it comes to kindness, caring, hope, and love, there is no distance between hearts and souls connected.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When justification is sought for an action, its morality becomes questionable.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one airs what was spoken in confidence, what does this say about such a person?”
<img:> 000 ~ “When one behaves like the one they accuse, their accusations then become directed at themselves as well.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one closes the door on 'fitting in', one then opens the door to 'extraordinary'.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one invests in the happiness of others, they 'double their investment'.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one seeks the favour of another or others, placing the importance of, above being true to his/herself, ultimately
            then, one compromises and undermines one's own integrity.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one sees all the faults in others, but none in themselves, where then does the 'true fault' lie?”
<img:> 100 ~ “When one's ego supersedes one's intelligence, erosion of one's intelligence results.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When others resent within you, your light, then you KNOW you are doing something right!”
<img:> 100 ~ “When our hearts are touched by love, magic happens!”
<img:> 100 ~ “When the chips are down, true friends stand up.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When we bring joy to the hearts of others, we bring joy to our own.”
<img:> 000 ~ “When we count our blessin's, include the lessons, for we will then live a life full of gratitude, nurturing an attitude for Love,
             peace, and harmony to thrive within us.”

<img:> 100 ~ “When we face a problem, we can find and choose a solution. When we turn our backs on a problem, the solution will
            choose to find us and usually NOT to our liking.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When we follow our passions, we discover our gifts.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When we listen to others who do not have our best interests at heart, we allow them to feed our fears, thus prevent-
            ing us from reaching our full and true potential.”

<img:> 000 ~ “When we open ourselves up to receive how others perceive, we then enrich our own lives.”
<img:> 100 ~ “When we place more importance on "giving" than we do on receiving and/or acquiring, THIS places an unmeasurable
            value on our own self worth.”
<img:> 100 ~ “Whispering behind others' backs seems quiet enough, until the whispers are about you. Then they dramatically increase
            in volume!”
<img:> 120 ~ “Winners accept and deal with the truth; losers accept and work with the lies.”
<img:> 100 ~ “Winners are willing to go the extra mile; losers take the short cuts.”
<img:> 100 ~ “Words are just words, unless they are backed up by 'supporting' actions.”
<img:> 100 ~ “Words are the spectrum of colours, a writer paints with.”
<img:> 100 ~ “Wrongdoings cannot be righted when bathed in silence by bystanders.”
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